I have been working in the counseling field for 30 years.  I began my journey by attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania, earning a Bachelor of Science in Education in 1985, followed by a Master of Arts in Counselor Services in 1987.  My counseling career began with a position at a community non-profit agency near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This four year experience gave the the opportunity to engage in a multitude of professional experiences that enabled me to grow and flourish as a counselor and educator.  Besides direct counseling related responsibilities, I provided training and consultation for the Pennsylvania Department of Education Student Assistance Program, facilitated many speaking engagements and educational presentations, and provided mental health technical assistance to local school districts.

In 1993, I launched my private practice in Central Pennsylvania, and professional treatment services provided included anxiety, depression, grief and loss, family and relationship problems, stress, and anger management.  Much of my work also centered on the treatment of trauma for both children and adults.  I developed my "trauma informed" practice from these interests.

In 2010, I was introduced the the IFS (Internal Family Systems) Model, and this empowering, compassionate approach to healing and self discovery through exploration of our inner lives became significantly influential in my professional practice, as well as in my personal life.  I obtained my IFS Certification, have served as an IFS Program Assistant, and have conducted IFS workshops for clinicians.  IFS is a powerful model of transformation, and remains the focus and backbone of my therapeutic approach.

I relocated to the Toronto area in Ontario in 2016.  Since that time, my goal has been to support the development of an IFS community and a culture of Self-leadership around me.  Currently, I am maintaining an online counseling practice.

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen."

- Brene Brown