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I offer a holistic, internally focused, mindfulness based approach through my consultation services, primarily using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Treatment Model, and its application in the clinical setting for both client and therapist. Professionals seeking consultation will further develop and deepen their IFS skills for their own practices. Even though consultees may have trained, worked and gained expertise in the field of counseling, therapy or social work for years, they may be in the beginning stages of understanding and using IFS with their clients.

I provide high levels of reassurance and compassionate presence during the consultation and learning process that allows the experience to feel safe and affirming. Consultees may want personalized ongoing support with beginning to facilitate IFS sessions with their clients. The IFS community strongly urges IFS clinicians to connect with other professionals who embrace and use the Model, and to seek consultation and supervision throughout their journey.

Through this consultation process, I provide insight and guidance to clinicians when their parts get activated or triggered by the internal work of their clients. This important work will help them deeply connect with their own personal Self Energy and gain confidence with integrating the IFS Model. I also offer assistance to consultees with creating and enhancing their Self-led boundaries, and Self-led practices.

If you have completed IFS Training, and are interested in obtaining certification, I can help provide the consultation requirements established by the IFS Institute. I am on the list of approved IFS Clinical Consultants for certification purposes.

If you are interested in more information regarding my consultation services, please contact me to review my Consultation Consent Form.

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