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Some of you may be new to counseling, while others have had some previous experience in a clinical atmosphere. If you choose to engage in internet/distance counseling with me, you can expect to be supported and guided with my compassionate presence as you proceed with your internally focused personal work. I hope to guide and assist you in a deeply respectful process that supports your intentions of living a satisfying life with an internal sense of health and wholeness.

Once you have contacted me, I invite you to review my Consent Form for Treatment. This document provides some additional information about my professional background and experience, what I have to offer, and some important expectations I have in regards to a therapeutic relationship. At that point, if you wish to further explore the possibility of receiving therapeutic help, we schedule an initial telephone or video conference consultation. During this conversation, I address any questions or concerns you may have regarding my Consent Form, and discuss the general reasons you are interested in the counseling process. We also consider the pros and cons of internet/distance counseling, and whether it would be the best choice for you. We review the secure video conferencing and email services I utilize to facilitate confidential sessions and communication, and discuss scheduling, fees, and payment options. This initial phone consultation is free of charge.

Once the initial telephone consultation is completed, we will schedule an internet/distance Intake Session. The Intake Session begins the process of establishing the personal goals you wish to reach and the expectations you have regarding the outcome of your healing. I gather some additional background information from you, and we discuss my integrative and holistic treatment approach in further detail. At this time, counseling sessions proceed focusing on the goals you created and established for your personal growth and development.  

In some cases, treatment may require a collaboration between other clinicians or medical professionals. If you would believe this would be helpful for you and supportive of your personal goals, feel free to initiate a discussion with me about this matter at any time.

Individual counseling can help you uncover your own inner strengths, intuitive wisdom and internal resources that are integral components in creating your path toward empowerment, vitality and aliveness. 

"Yesterday, I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself" - Rumi

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